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   Emissaries of Jevo

The Jevoans must reach the planet Arides to stop the deadly mutated plants there releasing a dust of death across the galaxy, but between Jevo and Arides lies Skaro, homeworld of the Daleks...

This exciting new instalment of The Dalek Chronicles is available now.

Below is a selection of images from the production...

   Emissaries of Jevo: Gallery
'Oh dear,' thought Commander Kirid, 'this could be a long day...'

The Daleks lay on a special welcoming committee for Kirid and his crew. Kirid and his crew wisely remain aboard their ship.

The Emperor always liked to make an entrance, but gliding forward into a spotlight was considerably cheaper than fireworks and dancing girls...

Commander Kirid found himself in what was commonly known as a Very Bad Situation...

Ibrid aboard ‘Guardian’ prepares to cross the Unknown Regions. Do you want to have a guess as to which Dalek-populated planet lies in the Unknown Regions?

The Emperor surveys his chambers, newly redecorated in 60s psychedelia...

A Dalek starts to explode.

Nosy neighbours are always a problem...

Guardian is caught in the Daleks’ magnetrap...

Ibrid receives orders from Kirid, but he’s really not sure about doing 60 in a 30 zone especially when he knows there are speed cameras up ahead...

The Emperor aboard his saucer in what I like to think of as the Armchair of Death.

And here’s one of the sequences that popped up on the BBC’s The Chase DVD. This was additional to their requirements, but I had just rendered it and liked it so sent it along with the shots they asked for. I was actually quite surprised that they used it!

Guardian arrives on Arides to do a spot of crop spraying. It’s not all glamour in the Jevon space fleet, you know...

Guardian opens fire. I wonder what it could be firing at...

Mmh... could it possibly be that nice golden Emperor chap and his two gliding chums?

Kirid does his best ‘determined’ face.

The Emperor gets Guardian in his sights. Now for a spot of friendly fire...

Daytime TV on Skaro wasn’t as good as it had been when DIY (Destroy It Yourself) programmes had been all the rage.

The Emperor took a special trip to the spaceport to wave off his new friend in person. Or exterminate him if the chance arose...

Guardian hits a spot of light turbulence.