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    Map of Skaro

According to the 1977 Dalek Annual, Skaro has a light side and a dark side, just like the moon. Presented here is a map, based on a similar one that appeared in The Dalek Book. Most of the text that appears when you hover your mouse above an area of interest is original to that volume.

The Forbidden Islands. Shrouded in swirling mists, no explorer has ever returned from its shores.
The continent Davius is peopled by the Thals, a kindly race of tall, fair, handsome people.
The Serpent Sea
The River of Whirling Waters. Divides the continent of Davius. Every mile or so in this river, as wide as a sea, is a whirlpool known to the Daleks as 'the Uncrossable'. No bridges can be built across it.
The Ocean of Ooze
The Dalek capital city.
Dalazar, continent of the Daleks. The most habitable part of Skaro. Sub-tropical. A natural barrier is provide by a range of high mountains named the Drammankins. Behind the capital city is the Lake of Mutations.
Drammankin Mountains
The Lake of Mutations
The Island of Gushing Gold. Jets of molten gold shoot into the air. On the beaches can be seen statues of pure gold. They are beings who dared land on the island, were engulfed by molten gold and turned forever into living statues, like the people of old Pompeii.
Darren is the barren area where thousands of years ago the mighty neutron bomb exploded. Far below the mutilated ground are earthworms, which survived the holocaust, and mutated into  vast serpents.
A mountain range, called 'The Radiation Range' situated on Darren. It is made of pure cobalt, from which the Daleks originally mined their radioactive material.
The Sea of Acid

So what of Skaro’s darkside? Well, not much is known. However, according to the 1977 Dalek Annual, you can expect to find the following...

Swamp Lands


Neither land nor sea. It appears to be growing larger. There is some evidence that the Swamp Lands is some vast living organism that engulfs and feeds upon anything that comes near its surface.


A Dalek neutron weapon-testing area. Prisoners who were used in early tests have been exposed to massive radiation. The resulting generations have become ghastly mutations.

(Shades of Genesis of the Daleks make themselves felt for one of the few times in all the Dalek annuals...)


The acid content of this sea is so high that it would destroy human tissue in seconds. The terrible sea monsters that inhabit these deeps are protected by hides so thick and dense that they are invulnerable to even the most powerful weapons.

(It seems likely that the Ocean of Death is a continuation of the Sea of Acid. Note that the title comes via The Keys of Marinus, by none other than Terry Nation...)


A prison colony that needs no guards. The acid sea prevents any escape. Chances of survival are very low in the jungle area. No one sentenced to serve a term here has ever returned.

(Again, we see a recycling of Terry Nation’s ideas, this time the prison world of Desparus from The Daleks’ Master Plan.)




One of the most fantastic geological areas in the universe. Molten snow and ice from the very core of Skaro erupt in enormous explosions covering many hundreds of square miles.

(Obviously, these icecanos have been lifted wholesale from Planet of the Daleks by Terry Nation. Is this a case of Terry Nation reusing his own ideas, or someone with a vague memory of a Dalek story erroneously relocating them to Skaro?)

Serpent Island


It is believed that hundreds of millions of  snakes, both large and small, infest this island. Members of the research expedition reported that it was impossible to take more than two strides without stepping on a serpent.



The Rocks


Great towering needles of stone that rear thousands of feet out of the sea and serve as a sanctuary and nesting place for the gigantic flying creatures that swarm the area.


Vast seams of combustible material have been burning for centuries beneath the surface of this area. The outer crust of the land contains the minerals used in the making of glass. Thus the whole continent appears to be made from solidified and molten glass. Creatures trapped in the molten glass are preserved for all time.