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  Warmonger - the music Volume 3


This audio CD is entitled Warmonger - the music of Empire 639 Volume 3 and contains seventeen tracks:

1.   Cube (taken from the bonus feature on Curse of the Daleks)
2.   Emissaries of Jevo
3.   Virus (taken from the bonus feature on Star Tigers)
4.   The Original Curse (taken from the bonus feature on Curse of the Daleks)
5.   Impasse
6.   Curse of the Daleks Theme
7.   World of the War-King
8.   Persistence of Memory (original composition)
9.   The Terrorkon Harvest
10.  Curse of the Daleks Incidentals
11.  Legacy of Yesteryear
12.  Suburbacide (original composition)
13.  Hollow Places (taken from the bonus feature on Shadow of Humanity)
14.  Victims (original composition)
15.  Shadow of Humanity
16.  Warmonger (original composition)
17.  The Moiety Lounge (taken from the bonus feature on Legacy of Yesteryear)

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   Warmonger: Reviews

Last updated: 6 August 2012

I’ve loved Stuart’s music since AV01.  I was amongst those pressing (folding, stapling and mutilating) him to bring out an Altered Vistas soundtrack album. (You need not imagine my feelings upon the release of MUTANT & VORTEX – my responses are on the relevant AV Review pages in all their lurid pose.)

I always play tracks1 & 2 whilst reading the latest Mechmaster pages (I get them monthly) &/or any other Dalek reading material (and if I’m really lucky something by Iain McClumpha – the posterboy of unfinished Dalek stories…)

WARMONGER opens with a delicious set of ambient/tone-poemy compositions, after which a more Dalekly-strident ‘fanfare’ announces the arrival of Dramatic Tracks… and Creepy Themes.

More than the obvious genre-style of ominous moods and martial rhythms, Stuart’s music has lovely subtleties along with some seriously rockin’ numbers – plus an ear for sounds that thrills mine.

Having lately elected to favour a particular 90s/00s TechnoOutfit, ‘Eat Static’ (who’ve had the taste to use the odd Dr Who-sample from time to time) I’d love to hear what EMPIRE 639 could do with the techno format (he thought as he listened to WARMONGER 1st time – then blimey! A technotrak!!)

Stuart’s mixes are often even better than these well-produced CDs, with a wider stage and spacious placement of sound elements which can fill the space with elegant simplicity or get real busy & complex with elegant simplicity (or eloquent samplicity – or grandiloquent symphocity, programmed on his Electronic Synphoney)

Lately, I’ve been quite overwhelmed by Dalekness having finally at last in the end caught up with the last 3 Dalek Chronicles (what riches!); StarTigers2; the excellent AV01 remaster’ and the pleasures of WARMONGER.  For this splendid excess I’d like to thank Clifford Hoefft for dubbing these delights – also Kerry Hewitt for previous Oz-dubbings – and special thanx for my original early Altered Vistas discs (from the Source! – does that make them Collectors-items?).

Listening as I am to it now, WARMONGER’s Funky Dalek Muzak is just the mood you need when stooping to conquer… hmm, I think I’ll go Conquer Lunch – a tasty little Platter in the Commissary System.  However, due to extreme Late-Shift I’m deep in the Red end of the Fiscal Spectrum.  So I’ll have to Conquer a tin of Sardines from the alternative micro-universe of Pantry-Space instead.